• "This apocalyptic farce-Alice in Wonderland as re-conceived by the Marquis de Sade-would mark both the high point and the end of Godard's meteoric career as a popular artist."
  • "As long as cinema like this exists, there's no end in sight."
  • "The film must be seen, for its power, ambition, humor, and scenes of really astonishing beauty."

French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard's WEEKEND remains his most consistently relentless attack on the bourgeois values of his own country and the perceived imperialism of the United States. Mireille Darc plays the central character, an "average" woman who is systematically radicalized during a weekend motor trip. No sooner have the woman and her husband (Jean Yanne) embarked on their journey than they become enmeshed in the mother of all traffic jams. The motorists rave, rant, burn, rape, murder, pillage and even descend into cannibalism -- all of which is treated by Godard as a natural progression of events. The prevalent theory that Jean-Luc Godard had intended WEEKEND as the apotheosis of his career is bolstered by the film's last two titles: "End of Film." "End of Cinema." It remains as provocative as ever and remains one of cinema's greatest confrontations. Print provided by Janus Films.


Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
France. 105minutes. 35mm Film.
1967. Color. French with English Subtitles.


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