• "Wickedly hilarious!"
  • "A synthetic, sadomasochistic cartoon!"
  • "McGowan's serene psychopathology is the movie's most consistent pleasure, and to see her is to both love and fear her."

This film dives into “the cruel politics of high school” in full force. A hilarious dark comedy, JAWBREAKER explores female friendship, Machiavellian power struggles, and grief in equal parts. Revolving around homosocial bonding and that the all present queer fear of lesbianism, the film also becomes a powerful meditation on the malleability of identity. Courtney Shane (McGowan), Julie Freeman (Gayheart), Marcie Fox (Benz), and Liz Purr (Roldan) are all best friends. They are at the height of their popularity when an innocent birthday prank accidentally kills Liz, the sweetest member of the clique. During their panicked attempt to cover up the murder, the class nerd, Fern Mayo (Greer), stumbles upon them. In order to keep Fern quiet Courtney offers to make her popular, and the results are a dark, comical Faustian tale of corruption, redemption and makeover madness! FLAMING CLASSICS: SMOKING IN THE GIRLS' ROOM After SUMMER CAMP, It's time to go back to school. The second edition of Flaming Classics is SMOKING IN THE GIRLS' ROOM! The series features classic films set in the battleground of High School. We are reclaiming the high school as a queer space. Featuring SAVED!, HEATHERS and JAWBREAKER, this series is a salute to the bad girls who refuse to follow the rules!


Directed by Darren Stein.
USA. 87minutes. 35mm Film.
1999. English.



  • Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 8:00pm